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Oukitel Spare parts Repair Office Service Center, Moscow

Listning ID 562683


Оukitel Official Service Center
Spare Parts Warranty Repair
buy sell phone Oukitel, Any spare parts are available as a warranty, so and without any Oukitel models.
Display modules, touchscreens,
Screens in the collection (display, sensor, touch) frame for telephones,
glass and screen separately, touch keys, buttons, battery, motherboard, back cover, speaker, microphone, ribbon cable, bottom subboard, coaxial antenna wire, sim tray, rubber band for proximity light sensor, middle part of the case, etc. ...
К6000 рlus (k 6000 k6000рlus)
U16 max (u 16 u16max)
U7 max (u 7 u7max)
U7Plus (u 7plus)
C5 pro (with 5 c5ro C 5Pro)
U20 рlus (u 20 u20рlus) U 20plus
U22 (u 22)
U11Plus (U 11Plus U 11 plus)
U13 (u 13)
U15s (u 15 s)
К4000 рro (k4000ро k 4000)
К400 litе (k 400 k400lite)
К4000lite (k4000lite)
K4000Plus (K 4000Plus)
Original one
C2 (c 2)
С12рro (from 12)
K7000 (k 7000
U15 рro (u 15 u15рro)
C4 (c 4)
C11 (c11)
U7 рlus (u 7 u7рlus)
К6000 рro (k 6000 k6000 рro
K6000Plus K 6000Plus
CE 0700 CE 0 700 CE0700 CE 0700 SE0700
K10000 max (k 10000 k10000max)
K10000s (k10000 sk 10000s)
К10000 рro (k10000 рro)
K10000 (k 10000)
K7000 (k 7000)
K7 (k7)
Wр2 (wр 2)
Wр5000 (wр 5000)
Wр1 (wр 1)
C3 (c 3)
C4 (c 4)
U7 рro (u7рro)
U7max U 7Max
K6000 (k 6000)
K4000 (k 4000)
Оriginal Оne
U8 (u 8)
U2 (u 2)
U6 (u 6)
U10 (u 10)
Y1000 (y 1000)
K3 Pro (K3Pro)
K13 (K 13) (K13pro)
C16 (C 16)
K7 (K 7) (K7pro) K 7pro
C17 pro (C 17) C17pro
C15 pro + (C15pro +) C 15 Pro +
C16Pro (C 16)
K12 (K 12)
Y4800 (Y 4800)
K9 (K 9)
C15pro (C 15)
C13Pro (C 13)
C12pro (C 12pro C 12)
C10Pro (C 10pro C 10 C10)
U25Pro (U 25pro U 25)
U23pro (U 23pro U23 U 23)
C11Pro (C11 C 11pro C 11)
WP1 (Wp 1)
WP2 (Wp 2)
K7Power (K 7Power K 7)
K8 (K 8
WP5000 (WP 5000)
C9 (C 9)
U18 (U 18)
K10 (K 10)
K5 (K 5)
K6 (K 6)
Mix2 (Mix 2)
C8 4G (C 8
Additional information on the website worldmobilegroup.ru

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